Car Rental

Car rental with driver for hours or days during your stay is an ideal choice of private transport service for those looking for flexibility and convenience. With this convenient hire service, you can travel anytime and anywhere. During the hire period, the vehicle and driver will remain near you so you have the convenience to travel to the next destination anytime.

Car Rental with driver in Cebu

Unlimited mileage

Easy booking process

Cheapest rental rates in town

Free airport pickup

Professional drivers
Go anywhere in Cebu

Whether you are going on a nights out, business trip or family vacation, we make sure that you are treated with the best transport services. Our driver is professionally trained and always at your service. Rest assure that you reach your destination safe and comfort. 


About Us

Cebu Van is a sister company of Shuttle Daddy and was established in 2018 by a guy with a passion for the emotion that motion on 4 wheels provides!

Cebu Van is your goto platform for just-in-time and pre-booked passenger vehicles, designed to help you, city-dwellers, out of town trips for your touring needs, or any special event.

We have a pool of registered CebuVan partners, who are ready to respond, 24/7 in the shortest possible time when you need them and most importantly, at affordable rates. Immediate service, which is fast and affordable. We design the platform to be accessible via a smartphone and avoid the need download a mobile App.

Optimizing and simplifying the process for getting a hired cars with drivers.